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We offer a unique lunch experience every day at 12:00 to 16:00 where lunch is enjoyed among the tomato plants. Also we offer a greenhouse visit and a horse show for prebooked groups.
We recommend that you book in advance at or tel. (+354) 486 8894

Greenhouse Visits

Visits to the greenhouses are available all year round for prebooked groups. Visitors gain an insight into the processes of greenhouse horticulture, with a short and informative talk on the subject – and in fact it is quite remarkable that it should be possible to grow vegetables in this cold climate, by creating warm Mediterranean conditions, all year round, through the long dark winter. The Atrium also includes an exhibition about the use of geothermal heating in Icelandic horticulture. And visitors can take away delicious food souvenirs such as Tomato Jam, Cucumber Salsa and Tomato Drink.

Greenhouse Visits are available all year round for prebooked groups.

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Have you ever been out for a meal in a greenhouse? Come and enjoy a unique food experience at our restaurant, with tomatoes growing all around! Tomato soup and fresh-baked bread, as well as other goodies, in a charming environment among the plants.

The restaurant is open 12:00 - 16:00 every day of the year.

We recommend that you book in advance. Please call us (+354) 486 8894 or send us an email:

Greenhouse VisitsGreenhouse Visits

Did you know that Friðheimar has about 10,000 plants in its greenhouses, that need weekly trimming and picking?

Horse Shows

During the summer months, Friðheimar offers its own horse show: A Meeting with the Icelandic Horse. Available in fourteen different languages, with an accompaniment of lively Icelandic music.

The show provides an insight into the story of this remarkable horse breed, which was brought to Iceland by the first settlers from Scandinavia around 900 AD. Whether on the farm or for overland transport, the horse has been the trusty companion of the Icelanders down the centuries, and even today farmers ride into the highlands to round up their sheep in autumn. In modern times the horse has become the Icelanders’ favourite leisure companion. The Icelandic horse is a small, sturdy breed, famed for its five gaits: in addition to the walk, trot and gallop, Icelandic horses may have the tölt (a smooth run) and skeið (flying pace). Four- and five-gaiters are prized.

The display is followed by a visit to the stable, where visitors can enjoy a hot drink, meet the riders and their steeds, and take photographs.

“A Meeting with the Icelandic Horse” is available from 1 May to 30 September for groups of fifteen or more, and must be booked in advance.

Further information and group bookings on tel. (+354) 486 8894 or by email:

Horse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse ShowsHorse Shows

Visit to the stable

The Icelandic horse is known for it´s diversity of gaits, coat colors, strength, health and good spirit. Visitors are invited to the stable where they get a presentation about the horse and a one horse show of the gaits. The stable is welcoming, offering tea/coffee.

A visit to the stable is available all year round for preebooked groups and individuals.

Further information and group bookings on tel. (+354) 486 8894 or by email:

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Did you know that the Icelandic horse is known world-wide for it´s five gaits? Walk, trot, gallop, tölt and flying pace. 

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