Strategy of Friðheimar

Focus on Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

Sustainability and Resposible Tourism

The direction of Fridheimar is to ensure that our produce and services continue to fulfil the expectations of our customers, with the same quality standards being maintained into the future as the business grows. Maintaining good connections with our customers and fellow growers into the future is also of key importance. We use a quality system based on ‘Vakinn’ (described later) and the ‘quality handbook of horticulture’. All our employees participate in continuously improving this quality system so that it can facilitate us in the best way possible in regards to providing high quality produce and services.

As we all know companies have a major impact on their surroundings and community with their activities. Our company is no exception and that is why Friðheimar wants to offer an environmentally and socially responsible service for our guests. We want to set a good example for our colleagues within the tourism industry by taking responsibility and help making our business as sustainable as possible. 

For this occasion, Friðheimar has signed a memorandum of understanding about responsible tourism which Íslenski Ferðaklasinn and FESTA (center about CSR) are responsible for. Also, Friðheimar now has the certification from Vakinn, which is the quality and environmental service for the tourism industry.

The goals that we have set ourselves are as follow

Ensure the safety of our guests and conduct with diplomacy

  • Refine the training strategy for our staff
  • Set our values and work by them accordingly
  • Set up a response strategy and train our staff at first aid and maintain that training every 2 years

Observe employees rights

  • Refine annual employee interviews
  • Refine the training process of new employees
  • View the possibility of participating in the costs of foreign workers in Icelandic studies
  • Work with Fairtrade thinking "fair trade" as a guiding principle in our procurement and production

Have positive impact on the local community

  • Shop as much as possible locally
  • Support fundraisings in our local community
  • All gratuities and tips will be collected to be delivered annually to charities selected by our staff
  • Offer up more local places of interest to our guests to maximize their stay in the area
  • Keep the history of horticulture alive in Iceland with information walls

Take good care of our nature and show it the respect it deserves

  • Classify waste as best as possible
  • Use environmentally friendly products as much as possible
  • Refine packages and use environmentally friendly packages as much as possible without compromising the quality of the food.
  • View participation in the project Kolviður, which is used to carbon-base the company by planting trees. See here
  • Contribute to paperless business as much as possible

Vakinn Certified


SAF Award 2017

Tripadvisor - Certificate of exellence 2019

Friðheimar hljóta Menntaverðlaun atvinnulífsins 2019